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How it works?

Create your listing

It’s free to be listed on Remoht! Just answer a few questions about your space, choose your availability, upload photos, and input pricing.

Receive bookings

When our members reserve your space, you will receive an automatic confirmation with the email of the member and date of the reservation.

Earn income

We will find remote workers for your spaces. At the end of the month you will automatically receive the additional income you have earned.

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Why partner with Remoht?

Get the most out of your space

We help new customers find your space. Remoht builds awareness of your space, creates more marketing reach and helps to earn extra money by connecting you with our company users.

Ease and efficiency

When your space is setup on our platform there is no extra work for your team. Remoht informs you when a new reservation is made. Our members are also automatically informed about your space.

Customization and control

You will always have control over your listing. Adjust your listing at any time, right in our Remoht dashboard. Here you can change your profile, availability, amenities, price and more.

Discover the Remoht benefits

Meet new customers

Both companies and individual workers use Remoht to find and book workspaces.

Host events

Our members love both business and social events. That’s why we want to host such events with our partner spaces.

Create awareness

We promote our partner spaces regularly on our social media and partner network.

Cross-sell opportunity

Maybe you have other great amenities apart from an amazing workspace. Think of food and beverage, sport facilities or more.

Insightful dashboard

Keep track of the reservations and your invoices easily in your Remoht partner dashboard.

Cancel anytime

No strings attached! You can delete your space from the platform any time you want.

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