It is our mission to facilitate the remote workforce instead of being forced to go to work

At Remoht we look at the workplace differently. Last year has taught us that the way how we work, when we work and where we work is changing. We want to facilitate this change with Remoht. Simply put, we offer our members access to the flexible workplace they need. From high-end hotels to restaurants and from event to coworking locations. For a day, for a week or longer. We’ll continue to grow our network of workspaces to make sure you have access to the workspace you love!

The team

Justin Wedekind

Co-Founder | Business Development
+31 6 53 41 75 58

David Wiegel

Co-Founder | Finance & Operations
+31 6 21 53 16 73

Tobias Kreuger

Co-founder | Partnerships
+31 6 45 22 24 44